WaNivers Water Processor

WaNivers Water Processor


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    WaNivers water processor
    Water is the origin of all things but its essence has been deteriorated. 
    “WaNivers" can turn the deteriorated water into its original good water. WaNivers benefits all living things on earth.


    Specification Description:

    Product Model: WN41060540
    Material: SUS304 Stainless Steel

    Product size: 410mm*63.5mm*38mm
    Box size: 
    Net Weight: 2.3 kg
    Outlet Diameter: 1"PT
    Country of Production: Taiwan, R.O.C.
    Life Time: 10 Years
    Warranty: 2 Year


    Principle of WaNivers

        When the big molecular cluster water flows through the WaNivers, the spiral design allows the big molecular cluster water to be guided into a line by a cluster arrangement. The linearly arranged big water molecular cluster will collide with the light particles in the tube. At this time, the big water molecular cluster absorbs the 8~12 micron fluctuation energy and 1014 Hz high frequency from light particles to generate resonance phenomenon.The angle of the double hydrogen bond of each single water molecule in the macromolecular water is synchronously reduced (from 104.45 ° to 89.79 °), which causes the hydrogen bond between water molecules to escape from the original gravitational force and exhibits small water molecular grouping. Besides, each water molecule can continue to resonate for a long time and perform no reduction phenomenon. The light particles themselves contain a variety of minerals and various trace elements that benefit the animals and plants, and also can be directly absorbed by humans, animals, and plants.

    Three Main Characteristics

    1. Molecular Synchronous Resonance Effect (Planck principle)

       100 years ago, according to the Planck synchronous resonance principle, it was found that water molecules broken away from their molecular bonds will not return to their original state. For more than 100 years, it has been widely recognized all over the world that  movement is the most ideal resonance. It is ideal for activating water so that it will not return to its larger state.  movement can stimulate biological, plant, and animal cell tissue activation, It can also be transmitted to other substances by producing a synchronous resonance effect.

    2. Light Particles Release 8 to 12 Micron Fluctuating Energy (Biogenic Light Waves)

       In the sun, the far-infrared rays with wavelengths of 8 to 14 microns are essential for biological survival. And far infrared rays emitted by the human body have similar wavelengths. These rays can work with the cells and produce the most effective "resonance." The  rays also have permeability, so they can effectively promote the growth of animals and plants.

    3. Geomagnetic 19 transposed flow tube:

       According to the law of the Earth's natural science, the geomagnetic 19-cycle screw design allows the water to flow in a column-like arrangement and sequence.